10 Beautiful Quotes that Every Woman Must Understand

As a woman, are you sure you really understand the true meaning of beauty? Most women think that beauty is just about physical, even though it is not entirely true. That assumption finally made some women feel that they were not beautiful. Believe me, actually there is no woman without beauty in her.

Don't just focus on what other people say about other people's comments on the beauty you have. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, don't mind what others say. You need to know that you're beautiful like what you think.

1. Your Heart Starts From Being Yourself
"The beauty of the moment you decide to be yourself" - Cocochanel

It's okay to idolize someone who you think is perfect. But don't forget to be yourself. Your wisdom starts when you decide to be who you are, not someone else.

2. Who You Are Can't Be Judged From The Shape Of Your Body
"You aren't fat. Fat doesn't define you. " - fitnessquotesimg.com

No matter how your body looks, …

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