Benefits of Eating Vegetables for Body Health

Benefits of eating vegetables - It is well known that eating and eating vegetables is good for health. Since ancient times before there was knowledge of nutrition, humans have consumed more vegetables than meat.

In eating vegetables we also have to know how to choose vegetables.

How do you choose vegetables with high nutritional value?
The color of vegetables has a high nutritional value, and the nutritional value of vegetables is closely related to the color of vegetables. The color is deep and the nutritional value is high, and the bright colors have low nutritional value. The food order is "green vegetables → yellow, red vegetables → colorless vegetables". The same vegetables have different nutritional values ​​because of the different colors.

In addition, because each vegetable contains different types and quantities of nutrients, and the nutritional needs of the human body are diverse, besides paying attention to the color of vegetables when choosing vegetables, various …

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