For those of you who are disappointed, believe that God breaks to strengthen

Do you know women? Why do we often become people who easily feel disappointed, actually it only lies in how much we hope. The greater we hope for humans, the greater we will feel disappointed.

When problems begin to arrive, one by one transforms into a sad lump that fills the contents of the head. There is no settlement, no visit to the road. Until everything ends in a sense of disappointment.

Disappointed with yourself, disappointed with everything you are experiencing now. Blaming God and circumstances is a normal thing to do, even though it is all a mistake that actually worsens the situation.
Never feel your life is unfair, isn't it in the creation of your world that you don't take part? We are only human beings who play a role, about the destiny all God has laid down. Why complain if it turns out that we are the ones who are guilty and responsible for what we are experiencing? Believe me, nothing is always beautiful in this world.

Think about causality. When you fail to ac…

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