Reasons Why Women Envy with Other Women

Believe it or not, there are many theories that say that women like to be jealous of other women. You might think this is a joke, but the fact is that most women have a competitive soul in everything to get out the best and win the fight. So no wonder, if some women often view other women as a threat.

Initially maybe just comparing yourself with other women, but slowly we are actually stuck on things that are harmful. Until finally suddenly did not like other people for no apparent reason. Especially if the woman is better than us. You may have been a hated and hated party, but have you known why that happened?

Maybe Because More Men Like Him
Yep, women often feel insecure when they know that a friend is liked by many men simultaneously. This kind of situation made him wonder, about what might make him more interesting than the other woman.

Then compare himself to the female figure who is said to attract the attention of the men. Until finally he asked himself, "Why do all men lik…

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