The mind is generous, the mind is calm and peaceful

The heart of generosity is happiness, calm mind is peace and joy!

Human beings are always up and down, so just use your mind to calmly treat it, use your heart to look happy at others, use your mind to be happy every day.

People live in society, can see the wrongs of others, think of their own mistakes; see that the place is not someone else's, can tolerate their badness, so that the mind will be peaceful and relieved.

The more light the mind sees, the less damage it will cause. How wide is the mind, how much happiness can be ...

Human, can not be satisfied all the time, everywhere is perfect. Sometimes misunderstood, the more you explain, the more you waste. Chi Bang smiled and ignored it, letting time answer. Meeting people who are not satisfied, many words that are abundance, ignoring is a kind of wisdom.

He wants to quieten his heart, say many things to say in vain, babbling with self-revision, blaming others for hearing that and forgetting.

Maybe disturbing others, often becau…

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