When you are depressed read this article

When you are bothered, read this article and read it and smile!

Short life, do you know how happy? He does not need beauty, just love; people don't need to be rich, just feel warm. Be satisfied, be meager, it is happiness!

There are some things, not not paying attention, but being aware of what it will be like!

Human life has no word if, only consequences and results.

Growing up is using a smile to face things.

Road, sometimes it is not possible, then we will choose to take a detour.

Tam, when I'm uncomfortable, take it lightly.

Emotional, time to leave, should be arbitrary.

There are some things, little effort will pass.

Some people, very cruel, should forget.

A little miserable, just laughing will dissipate it all.

There is pain and pain gone, the rest is resilience.

Alcohol, not drinking will not be drunk; people, not tired will not fall; mind, not injured will not be broken; work, do not learn will not know.

The follower is not equal to a loved one; thousands of lovers ar…

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