5 Hobbies That Make Women Happy

If you want to feel true happiness, then don't leave that happiness to others. Don't let those who give you happiness, but create your own happiness for you.

Happiness that you can create yourself can undoubtedly be felt throughout your life, without you having to feel guilty or dependent on others.

What can you do to achieve that happiness? Have one of the hobbies below. This hobby will make your life more vibrant and happy.

1. SingYou don't need to be Rihanna or Shakira to sing. What you need is a musical accompaniment and lyrics that you read or memorized beforehand. Choose songs that can make your mood rise, which makes you feel cheerful.

Sing wherever you are, whenever you want to be happy.

2. ScrapbookSimilar to kliping, this hobby turned out to be quite unique and fun. Previously, find out in advance what you like, what makes you interested in wanting to know more.

Well, if you have, collect all the information both text and images from newspapers, books, internet, wh…

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