Make Your Own Installer Tools in Termux

Because there are so many who want or are looking for ways to make their own tools in Thermux, therefore I made this article, which is a Tutorial on Creating Your Own Installer Tools at Termux, yes if you don't know what installer tools are, here are a few explanations.

Tools Installer is an intermediary tool for installing several tools, quickly and easily.

Yes, that's a little explanation about the installer tools, ok we just go to the tutorial to make the installer tools in termux.

How to make your own tools on Termux (Tools Installer)1. Open the thermux application
2. Perform the following commands in termux.
$ pkg upgrade && pkg update$ pkg install ruby && gem install lolcat && pkg install figlet && pkg install nano
3. Next, please do the following command, to make the termux tools.
4. Next, copy the following script and paste it into the thermux.
#!/bin/bash #version 1.0 # Variables b='\033[1m' u='\033[4m' …

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