Note When Disconnecting Love

BREAKUP. Always a part that has never been desired in a relationship. It feels like when we are lifted to the ceiling and sit on the soft clouds, then the cloud disappears so we are slammed from a height. However, it seems that this must indeed be one of the risks taken in every statement of love and commitment. And ... if you are currently in a breakup, it's a good idea to take a moment to read and reflect on the following notes.
Say it straight awayIt's a big NO! Disconnect from SMS, telephone or message on Facebook. If you consider yesterday's relationship very sweet and romantic, look into his eyes and state together that the relationship is over. Even though you may not want to meet and see his face again (yes, including when he cheated on you!)

Disconnect = the relationship endsWhen the relationship ends, meaning the position of the person in your life changes again. If previously he was always in your heart, now he must be moved to a box labeled 'FRIEND'. Is i…

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