Spotify Music Premium Terbaru v8.5.11.763

Otodidak27 - Spotify is one of the popular and large online music player applications such as JOOX. Just like JOOX, Spotify also provides a variety of music with very good quality that you can enjoy comfortably and easily. Clear sound quality makes many users interested in the application Spotify is even though the rating in Google Playstore is still far behind JOOX. Just because JOOX is the first time out compared to Spotify, according to Admin quality between JOOX and Spotify there is no difference that stands out so if you download Spotify, you won't lose because the same quality as JOOX. Well, here Admin gives a Spotify Premium Application which means ad-free, so you can freely enjoy the music that is there without ads. Some features and advantages of the premium version will also be explained below, including the following.

Premium features:
1. Unlocked Spotify Connect
2. Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod
3. Visual ads blocked
4. Audio ads blocked
5. Seeking …

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